Erik-Jan Vaandering

Alkmaar the Netherlands 1976

Education :   Graphic design , social study’s , restoration techniques , specialization: oil painting techniques

Quote :

Indefatigable Erik-Jan works through his paintings, in which everyday things get a place of his nostalgic memories. The Dutch skies, hoisting the sails, the creaking of wood, an inexhaustible imagination, skill and a healthy dose of self-confidence, proves a life in which the artist can be him self.

A note by art historian and artist B de Wolff :

Erik-Jan Vaandering is a figurative painter. His paintings consist out of many layers, making it an interesting unity of colours in which a poetical image occurs. Cityscapes, harbours and mysterious landscapes seem to be bathing in warm gentle colours. Oilpaint is his medium. He is at ease with it and the play of the artist with the oilcolours is outstanding. His art is based on graphical drawings in which he has been trained thoroughly. I am convinced that he is not only making his best work thus far in this stage of his career, but the best has yet to come ..

* in 2016 EJ Vaandering was invited by the national academy of painting of the republic of China to work there for an upcoming exhibition of his paintings


currently represented by :

Gallery Van Dun Oirsterwijk

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Special commissions Dutch national tv :

postcode loterij show Carre , klokhuis tv


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Kesselaar & Son , Northwest hospitals , ANWB , omniac & partners , Manchester United , Friesland Bank, National academie Beijing China , private collectors worldwide


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